Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Spreading Kindness. Changing Lives

At the JWebMaker Foundation, we believe in the power of random acts of kindness to bring about change. Our mission is to create a better world by practicing kindness, extending support to the less fortunate, caring for street animals, and promoting environmental sustainability through tree planting initiatives.

The JWebMaker Foundation is a non-registered NGO solely sponsored by JWebMaker-Web Design Agency, a renowned provider of web design and IT-related solutions since 2015. While not explicitly outlined on the JWebMaker website, the foundation is a manifestation of JWebMaker's commitment to social responsibility and making a positive impact on society.

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Building A Better World With JWebMaker Foundation

Spreading Kindness
Caring For Street Animals

To alleviate the suffering of street animals in Mumbai and create a more compassionate city for all.

Changing Lives
Helping The Needy

To empower marginalized communities in Mumbai and improve the lives of those in need.

Green Environment
Promoting Environmental Sustainability

To protect Mumbai's environment and create a more sustainable future for the city.

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Our Soldiers

Our foundation is grateful for the support of our passionate and dedicated volunteers. They play a crucial role in realizing our mission and bringing kindness and compassion to those who need it most.

Janhavi Angre


Sushant Naik


Madhavi Angre


Pooja Dhamankar


Shubham Waman


Vrushali Nangare


Raveena Sardesai


Parth Desai


Amruta Jadhav